Ionization smoke alarms respond more effective to the fast flaming fires, such as paper and most kind of domestic appliance fires. A flaming fire spreads extremely fast and generates heat and smoke rapidly. Due to the different requirement for different purpose, Homewatch develops a full range of AC smoke alarm with optional function for customer choice, such as interconnectable, silencer, interconnectable and silencer w/without battery backup, rechargeable backup etc.:
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B5231-Silencer & Interconnectable

  • BS Kitemark Approvel : EN14604 : 2005
  • 220V-240V AC operation
  • Ionisation sensor technology
  • With interconnectable up to 12 alarms or to other Homewatch interconnectable 240V mains photo and heat alarm. All units sound in the event of one alarm being triggered
  • Silencer (hush) features to temporary lower sensitivity when nuisance alarm occurred
  • Test push button to test function and circuitry
  • Permanent Green LED indicating continuous supply of AC power
  • Red LED flashes indicating alarm functioning
  • Low battery warning signal and missing battery warning for backup models
  • Sounder 85dB at 3 meters (10 ft)
  • Suitable for all area (except kitchen, please refer our AC heat alarm range)
  • Optional missing battery indicator or missing battery lockout for backup model
  • Tamper proof mount
  • Easy and simple installation
Additional features
  • Battery backup: 9V type Alkaline/Carbon Zinc battery or rechargeable battery
  • Built-in rechargeable battery backup
Flexible combination of the additional features for the customer choice. Please view HW full range models at NEXT page.