Heat alarm responds when temperature rises to about 58oC and is suitable for kitchen, basement, warehouse, lofts and garages where false alarm may likely occur to smoke alarm due to steam or cooking flames or particles caused nuisance alarm. Tested and compliance with BS5446-2:2003 & EN60065 safety test. The general ionisation & optical smoke alarm will produce nuisance alarm if installed in a kitchen or garage. In some instance at very high temperature and humidity heat alarm is more effective and appropriate.


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H5212 - Interconnectable

  • 220V~240V AC operated
  • Tested and complied to BS 5446-2:2003 , Achieve Grade A1 54oC~62oC
  • Suitable for BS5839; Part 6: 1995 system grade C, D, E, & F
  • With additional interconnectable up to 12 alarms or to other Homewatch interconnectable 240V mains ionisation and photo alarm. All units sound in the event of one alarm being triggered
  • Recommend to install at kitchen, garage and loft
  • Push test button to test function and circuitry
  • Permanent Green LED indicating continuous supply of AC power
  • Red LED flashes indicating alarm functioning
  • Low battery warning signal and missing battery warning signal for backup model
  • Sounder 85dB at 3 meters (10 ft)
  • Optional missing battery indication or missing battery lockout for backup model
  • Tamper proof mount
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Environmental friendly product

Additional features

  • Battery backup: 9V Alkaline battery/9V Zinc Carbon battery backup or rechargeable battery backup.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery backup@
Flexible combination of the additional features for the customer choice. Please view HW full range models at NEXT page.
Warning: Heat alarm is not designed to detect smoke. They provide an additional life safety warning device. This is an early warning signal device.