Homewatch is a professional organisation, specialized in smoke alarms and other detecting devices. Most of our personnel and marketing have been in this field for over 30 years. We have our own in-house laboratory, equipment, qualified and well experienced engineers' team responsible for product research & development, testing, manufacturing in own factory, introduction of new models and continue improving the technology employed in existing products for many years. Homewatch is one of very few factories in China to get approval and to operate with earlier British Standard 5750 Quality System published in 1987 (Current adopted ISO9000) in early 1990.



Homewatch is now a ISO9001:2008 BSI Registered Firm and committed to the achievement and maintenance of the highest attainable standards of quality in all its operation. The ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System has been implemented on all its operation, Quality Control, and inspection throughout production.

We have a complete DC & AC range of Homewatch® products:)

All our products are manufactured to the highest standards in accordance with one or more various International Recognized Standard from all over the world.

  • DC & AC heat alarm series;
  • DC & AC photoelectric smoke alarm series;
  • DC travelling smoke alarm;
  • DC combination smoke alarm series;
  • DC wireless smoke and heat alarm series;
  • Low voltage water alarm series;
  • Low voltage photoelectric smoke alarm series;
  • Gas alarm series;

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The company continues searching for opportunities to expand its product range and also works closely with its customers in order to understand their market needs and take their ideas and develop it into an effective, saleable & safety product for the customer's specific market environment.

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