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HR1211 434.33MHz

HR2-1211 868.65MHz

The general smoke alarm is easily produced nuisance alarm if installed in a kitchen or garage. The heat alarm is more effective and appropriate in high temperature and humidity environments. It is suitable in kitchens, basements, warehouses, lofts and garages where smoke alarms may likely produce false alarms.

  • All-in-1
  • Small size (H: 25 mm ? 95 mm)
  • Designed to BS&EN54/5 standard
  • Heat sensor with thermal technology
  • Steady LED on master unit, flashing LED on slave units
  • 85dB at 3 meters (10ft ).Loud warning tone
  • Test push button to test function & circuitry
  • Automatic self test 1 x per minute
  • Easy & Simple to install
  • 16 channels incl. 1 with priority
  • Interlinkable with unlimited number of alarms
  • No control alarm required
  • Reach: up to 200 m depending on local radio conditions.
  • Over 1 year battery life
  • Low battery warning signal
  • 9V alkaline battery included

HR-1211 can be radio-linked to all models in the Wireless Family

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