Wireless Photoelectric Smoke & Heat Alarm

PHR1211 - Dual detection

Photoelectric smoke alarms are more effective in detecting slow smoldering fires such as PVC wire, generating large amount of black smoke before bursting into flames.

Heat alarms respond when temperatures rise to about 54°C. The PHR1211 is tested and complied to EN14604 standard with VdS approval, it can easily communicate with our 9V & 12V operated control unit, which can provide signal to link with common residential or industrial fire alarm control panel.


PHR1211 - Combines both smoke and heat decetion.
  • Infrared, thermal & RF technology
  • 9V DC battery operated
  • VdS approval : EN14604:2005
  • all in one - smoke + heat and wireless
  • high reliable radio signal transmission
  • Self calibration
  • Memory function
  • Unlimited interconnection within transmission range
  • 16 codes with one priority
  • Different sounds & indication lamp to indicate different modes
  • Steady LED on master unit and flashing on slave unit
  • Achieve Grade A1, 54oC ~ 62oC detection.
  • Test button checks sensitivity, circuit, thermistor, silencer & RF transmission
  • Sounder minimum 85 dB at 3 meters (10ft )
  • Low battery warning and cleaning warning signal
  • Easy and simple installation

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