Wireless Heat Alarm

HR1211 - 9V DC wireless heat detection

Heat alarms respond when temperatures rise to about 54°C. HR1211 can easily communicate with our 9V & 12V operated control unit, which can provide signal to link with common residential or industrial fire alarm control panel.


  • 9V DC battery operated
  • all in one - heat and wireless
  • high reliable radio signal transmission
  • Self calibration
  • Memory function
  • Unlimited interconnection within transmission range
  • 16 codes with one priority
  • Different sounds & indication lamp to indicate different modes
  • Steady LED on master unit and flashing on slave unit
  • Achieve Grade A1, 54oC ~ 62oC detection.
  • Test button checks circuit, thermistor & RF transmission
  • Sounder minimum 85 dB at 3 meters (10ft )
  • Low battery warning and cleaning warning signal
  • Easy and simple installation

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WARNING: Heat alarm is not designed to detect smoke. They provide an additional life safety-warning device. This is an early warning signal device.

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