9V DC Micro Smoke Alarm

Photoelectric smoke alarm is more effective and respond faster to slow smoldering fires such as PVC wire, generates large amounts of black smoke before bursting into flames. Residential and small commercial/business premises such as home-office is recommended to install photoelectric smoke alarm.

Ionisation smoke alarms respond more effective to the fast flaming fires, such as paper and most kind of domestic appliance fires and is sensitivity to wider range of fire conditions than the other type. A flaming fire spreads extremely fast and generates heat and smoke rapidly.

Owing to the different requirement for the different purpose, Homewatch develops a full range of smoke alarm with optional function for customer choice, such as interconnectable, silencer, interconnectable and silencer.
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PS1201-SD Standard

  • BS Kitemark & VdS approval : EN14604:2005
  • Test push button to test function and circuitry
  • Red LED flashes indicating alarm functioning
  • Low battery warning signal
  • Sounder 85dB at 3 meters (10 ft)
  • Suitable for all environment (except kitchen, please refer our DC heat alarm range)
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Environmental friendly product

PS1211 íV Interconnectable (multi-station)

  • With additional interconnectable up to 12 alarms or to other Homewatch 9V DC interconnectable ionisation and heat alarm. All units sound in the event of one alarm being triggered
PS1221 íV Silencer (hush)
  • With additional hush features to temporary lower sensitivity when nuisance alarm occurred
  • Same push test button to activate silence control
  • Automatic reset within 12 minutes

PS1231 íV Interconnectable & Silencer

  • With addition silencer and interconnectable function
  • Same push test button to activate silence(hush) control
  • Automatic reset within 12 minutes
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